Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hunt at .:MALT:. sim (MALT & SPORK hunt)

Opening gifts and Hunt at MALT sim 

Look for the Logos (like the one in the pink circle) for MALT prizes (10 prizes total) and buy them for 50L$ each (but totally worth it):
In this picture im wearing the lovely sculpt and scripted jacket named Risa Jacket (prize #9) and the silver capri pants (prize #2)

The purple belt shown in the picture is the Spring gift at the subscribo :D

Another outfit as prize at Malt like the the tote bag, the belt seen in the following picture (the tank top and the belt are from prize #5 and those great jeans are prize #2):

Other prizes from this Hunt:

From left to right: Tyrilha Babydoll Dress in gold with 2 skirt options (prize #7), Bermuda outfit (2 options for skirt or bermuda as seen at right) (prize # 6), Cargo pants and top (prize #5) with color changeable heart necklace (opening gift - 0L$) and bangles (included in prize #3) , A Lazy Day red jumper (prize #4 ) and Capri Lace Tights (see above) with the Tote Bag Storm with AO for holding the bag and a good sexy walk included (prize #1) seen in detail in the following pic:

Again outfits from this hunt:

Jeans and green top with optional scarf (prize #3), sculpt jacket (see above), lovely white and black tunic with belt included (in different sizes) with necklace included (0L$) and lovely sculpt top in teal (prize # 8).
 prize #10 Dahlia purple dress:

final prize at Easter Nest Hunt at Sway's

some pictures of the final prize of the Easter Nest Hunt:

the yellow - orange outfit with 2 colours for belt and 2 kinds of skirt

and one lovely pic nic blanket with pillows with poses and at Sway's Creations ^_^

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Nest Hunt at Sway's

Find the 10 nests around Sway's sim 

and claim the prize ^__^

Monday, March 23, 2009

egg hunt at xtreme desires

xtreme desires
Easter Egg hunt starting 24th March until Easter Sunday.
starts 12pm slt on the 24th

This is a new Bunny outfit I have designed for easter. this outfit will be hidden in 8 different egss all set to Buy at 1L$ each. Once you have all 8 you will have the complete Velvet Bunny outfit. The Bunny outfit is set to sale for 100L$ in store and SLX.

The outfit includes Crushed Velvet corset and panties, fishnet stockings, Bunny ears and twitchy tail, velvet gloves and of course the sculpted collar and bow tie which is modify.

Monday, March 2, 2009