Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bedtime Treasures

When I'm at the book store, I always make a point to walk past the children's section, because just seeing those books brings on a nostalgia that reminds me of the days when we traveled through jungles with giant monsters or said goodnight to the moon. Those bedtime treasures are a warm reminder of the kid inside us all.

Coming in June we'll all get the chance to revisit some of those stories with a hunt called Bedtime Treasures. The theme of this hunt is bedtime stories (cannot tell you how loudly I squeed when I heard! With themes like Winkin' Blinkn', Princess and the Pea, and Goodnight Moon how could you not?)

And if the theme isn't enough to get your hunting caps on, then the shops will. There will be 250 stops along your way through this storybook hunt, with places that include (so far) Bellatryx, Secrets of Gaia, Sweet!, Troubled Rebel, Sugar, Dyn Fashion, Loser Skins, Shit Luck, CnS e-motion and more to come. Applications are still currently being accepted designers! So if you'd like one stop by any of the mentioned stores and click the set up sign for one, or contact never Franizzi inworld. (No, trying to BUY a place in line is not going to cut it here, designers are selected on a first come first serve basis!)

The hunt will begin June 1 and run through June 30, with the starting point being decked out in bedtime fashion, and a freebie starting pack. A sim party at the starting location will be taking place mid month to get you even more pumped!

For more information and sneak peaks, check out the Bedtime Treasures Hunt Blog.

There's something in this hunt for everyone, be it neko, skin, children, adult, everyone. So the the next time you pass the children's section, give it a glance, because you might recognize something in it in the hunt...

More details to come closer to the hunt date (so we don't forget ;) )

Happy hunting

Sunday, April 26, 2009

wanna play??? Dutch Touch hunt

There are 5 bags hidden around the sim at :::Dutch Touch::: and each one contains a gorgeous skin, thanks Iki!!
ps there's a useful map u can use to find the bags, touch the subscribo and check the blog here

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hunt Round-Up for April 26 2009

This is my very first blog post so please bear with me. Big thanks to Bayena for allowing me to join the SL Hunts team!

Store Hunts:

*Inga Wind* Spring Hunt - Ends April 30 2009.
*Moonstar* Golden Bunnies Hunt - Ends April 30 2009.
Bone Hunt at Trixxy's Shop - Ends April 30 2009.
Magia April 2009 Hunt - Ends April 30 2009.
S&M April Clothing Hunt - Ends April 29 2009.
Witchy Woman Designs April 2009 Hunt - Ends April 30 2009.
X MARKS THE SPOT at Xtreme desires - Still open.

Simwide Hunts:

(Miriel) The Golden Cage - Open ended/Indefinate.
Bloody Mess at Fallen Gods - Ends May 20 2009.
Dare Designs Easter Egg Hunt - Ends May 1 2009.
Kitten Caboodle/Alice Went Neko Egg Hunt - Ends April 30 2009.
Loco Pocos Tricky Bunneh Hunt - Ends April 30 2009.
Neko Wonderland Exploration Hunt - No End Date.
Rotten Egg Hunt - End Date Extended.
Tiny Life Treasure Hunt - Open Ended with new prizes added each month.
Whats Up Doc Hunt for Carrots at Lemania's - Ends April 30 2009.

Gridwide Hunts:

Big Spring Hunt - Ends May 15 2009.
Gone Fishing Hunt - Ends April 30 2009.
Spring Is In The Air Hunt - Ends April 30 2009.
The Missing Bunnies Hunt - Ends May 18 2009.
The Mystery Cupcake Grid Hunt - Ends April 30 2009.
The Scarlet Letter Hunt - Ends May 18 2009.
Treasure Quest - 2 new hunts every month. Current 2nd Anniversary Hunt ends April 30 2009.

Want more hunt news? Join Happy Hunters for updates, chat and the latest hunts.
If you have information about a hunt drop a notecard with details, dates and LM on my profile. I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Hunting!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fallen Gods Inc.

There's a bloody mess down at Fallen Gods Inc. and if you can sort through it you'll find a hunt taking place in honor of the new gods being born. The hunt begins April 22 and ends May 20, and a good thing too because you might just need all that time.

The Details
Welcome to the Bloody Mess.
I am your host, and guide…. And the search starts right here, in front of your eyes. The new generation of Gods is born, from blood…
…they leave traces, and things…

I need to find all the mess they left to clean the Island
(hunts takes place on the Selidor sim, and only there)

… if we don’t manage to clean all, I will anyway call superior help on May 20 to end that mess…
(Hunt is active from April 22 to May 20)

A number of remains can be find, but I am sure there is one special hidden in a very particular place… must find that one… (bonus!)

Well, that’s it.
In exchange of your help, you can keep everything you find in all that Bloody mess, hope will be enough for the trouble.
Kind regards,

Alia Baroque

Licking blood from the floor can be unhealthy.


The following image was brought to you courtesy of the Fallen Gods Inc. Blog as this hunt was a bit too hard on my pc.

And yes, skins are included :)

Difficulty: Hard
Time: A lot more than I spent on it (ie, more than an hour)

Happy hunting

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

VIP Grid Wide Hunt

You know those hunts that claim to have all "top designers within sl?" Nothing against them, but they got nothing on this hunt. Its not that those past hunts didn't have some great designers, simply that not all featured in the hunt (IMO) were quite up to scratch when you're calling it a "best designers" hunt. However, this next hunt has set out to prove that yes, you can have a hunt only featuring brilliant designers.

Like my mother at the grocery store, the VIP Grid Wide Hunt organizers have carefully selected top notch artists for their hunt. Though a few might not be big names on the grid, all of them have proven deserving of their spots through creative and high quality merchandise.

But like any red carpet event, you'll need special passes to access these stars. VIP passes go on sale at these locations up until the hunt begins (May 8.) Passes will set you back at 200L but without them, you'll be left out in the cold.

The Details:

* The Designers will be asked to create an exclusive male and female (if possible) gift, that will only be available for the duration of the hunt.

* The Hunters are required to pay a one-time entry fee for participation in the Hunt.

* Only those who have paid the entry fee will be able to receive the gifts. So cheaters will not prosper and real fashion enthusiasts will not be bored and annoyed by yet another junk freebie.

* At each location the Hunters will be searching for a key.

* Upon completing the entire Hunt they are awarded a special key that enables entry to the Luxury lounge.

* The Luxury lounge will hold an exclusive reward for those dedicated enough to complete the Hunt.

April 11Th: Designer Application deadline. No designers will be accepted after this date.
April 12Th : VIP Passes will go on sale at locations to be announced as the date gets closer
May 8Th: The hunt begins !
For more information please contact Kenzie Corleone in game or you can email us at

For sneek peaks at the prizes and a list of the participating names, check out the Keys to the VIP Grid Wide Hunt Blog

Happy Hunting

Harajukubox City

I was super excited when I got the notice for a hunt going on in a Japanese sim, they always have something creative and beautiful going for them, be it sim scenery or displayed designs. Lucky for us all, Harajukubox City has both. Right now there's a Happy Hunt going on with some truly amazing prizes.

You're looking for Yoshi eggs that come in sizes ranging from small enough to fit in your avatar's hand, to as big as your avatar's face (okay, so they're not big.) You'll find them inside/around/outside shops within the Harajukubox City sim only (not Harajukubox Town). Pan high, low, and around because the better the prize the harder the hunting you'll have to do.

The hunt ends on the 25 of April, but check back on the end date for new eggs because they're added daily.

Paticipating Stores:
-Acid & Mala Creations
-English Element
-Miau Hous
-PA Designs
-Sassy Kitty Designs

The skin from SINdecade pushes my happy button and makes me want to run around the grid nekked. Gorgeous patches stitched together make up this doll-like skin.

I don't normally wear Nekko skins, but I couldn't resist the detailing on the face and body of this one from BOUNCE. It comes in a male version as well.

And finally, some unisex and not so unisex clothes to be found. The top left pic is of a male skin (which looks awesome for androgenic women if you don't want to show off the bod ;) )

lol, can you tell I got lazy?

For more details check out the Harajuku Box Blog

Some helpful tips:

(BOUNCE, A:S:S, PA Designs)
-TP Point:
(Animus, SINdecade, Sassy Kitty Designs, Miau Hous, Acid & Mala Creations, Kyoot, English Element)

-Expect lag and possible rezzing issues as the sim is cluttered with prims.

Difficulty: Medium
Time Spent: LONG, but only for me because parts of the sim kept disappearing which meant that on top of having to look for the stores I had to log and relog again and again. Lucky for you all, I've made finding the store locations a little easier ;)

Happy hunting

Monday, April 20, 2009

BOOM hunt

Find the tiny black boxes all around the store at BOOM mainstore and u can get very good stuff :) here there are some pics of the prizes:

black mini dress by BOOM, boots from J's (past group gift) 
hoodie is another prize like the jeans in indigo blue and a pair in black.

baby blue dress (i used it also as top): special gift for opening of this mainstore.

some other prizes including funny "good girl" and "bad girl" underpants
other prizes by BOOM (mochaccino pumps and hot pink bra are not included).

condom hunt at Sn@tch & friends

find colorful condoms at Sn@tch City & Pulse
prices range 0L-100L
ends tonite at midnight

heres the info from the nc:
pril is STD awareness month promote safety and to give something back to our regular customers we are having a two sim "Condom QUEST" There are over 100 condoms hidden in stores, around the sims, outside and in. At least half of them contain FREE fun items from most of our vendors here @ Sn@tch City and Pulse! The rest have even BIGGER AND BETTER items priced from $1 L to $100 L. Click the big poster in the Sn@tch store for more details and LMs

he quest is all weekend Friday, April 17th through Monday, April 20th. All you have to do is come and search and have FUN! Condoms are hidden all over Pulse and Sn@tch City. Stores participating but not limited to are:
Tyranny Designs
The Stringer Mausoleum
(Silver Wheel)
BedlaM Inc.
Splinter Gallery
Fear & Clothing

I put out almost 30 condoms myself several containing never released items and limited edition colors from Sn@tch and the Hunger. Hidden just around inside the Sn@tch Main Store is a full set of Fire Dancing Silks all seperated in four different condoms,not hard to find at all and FREE!
all that from ivey :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Xtreme Designs hunt

Find the 5 orange X (as shown in the circle) at Xtreme Designs

to get a not yet released lingerie outfit consisting of tights, corset, gloves and fur attachment (actually given as a gift at the info sign of the hunt near the landing point, in the  middle of the store):

Happy hunting!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hunt at Giusia

There's a hunt at Giusia store for three prizes... two of them contain those fabulous skins in  pale with freckles and  dark tone , the third prize contains male jeans (not shown)

hunt at [AV] VLODOVIC @ lemania sim

Find 6 carrots inside and outside the store [AV] VLODOVIC and u can get 2 cute outfits with shoes included (non shown) ^_^

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hunt at [Sassy Kitty Designs]

there's a hunt at [Sassy Kitty Designs]... u must find 10 eggs containing paw boots in various colours, lingerie/pj's and sweaters and collars ^_^ they're super cute. 

Skin: Free Speerit Kimberly Aquamarine (wear your group tag to get it free)
Top: egg 9 at [Sassy Kitty Designs]
Jumper: egg 4 at [Sassy Kitty Designs] (the black version in the following pic is included in the prize)
Carrot Necklace: egg 6 at [Sassy Kitty Designs] 
Tail and ears: Bunny hop egg at [Sassy Kitty Designs]
Jeans: free at Free Speerit (included in the pack named Sassy Girl)

Basket: egg 5 at [Sassy Kitty Designs]
Shorts, socks and bunny slippers: egg 9 at [Sassy Kitty Designs]

Vendor Support Month in June

It seems as though lately the hunts have been piled on back to back (and sometimes on top of each other,) and though we certainly love the free prizes that are offered, we should always keep in mind the designers behind those prizes.

The month of June will bring us a chance to show our appreciation for those artists/artisans. The hunt will run the entire month of June and will be sporting some big names, such as The Black Canary, SN@TCH, Nightshade Designs, and SD Wears, to name a few. For those of you worried about the further eyestrain, fear not for the prizes will be out in the open and featured on display for your viewing pleasure. Each prize costs 10L because designers need to eat too :)

While it is not strictly a hunt, it is a chance to be exposed to some amazing vendors (the essence of every hunt) and to pick up some fab prizes.

See more information directly from the Vendor Support Month blog.

Start saving/earning those lindens :)

Show the love! And happy hunting


When you hear the word RFyre you know you're in for some designer brilliance. But what's even better is when you place the word hunt after RFyre. Yes, you read right.

RFyre is having a hunt for Easter, but you wont find eggs around this vast sim. You're looking for the boxes like the ones seen below.

The women's boxes are purple and the men's are green, and each contain pieces to complete a single outfit.

Be warned, each box costs 20L (total 100L for each complete outfit.) But honestly, at a place that has you coughing up around 600L or so per purchase, 100L is a major steal.

The proof is in the pictures.

Purple Boxes:

Green Boxes:

Difficulty: Medium, but be sure you really look high and low.
Time: More than an hour

Run! Don't walk! To RFyre now!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sole Sisters Hunt

Shoe fanatics everywhere should be dropping by Sole Sisters for the hunt taking place there. The hunt seems to be in honor of the newest release, the Audrey peep toe pump. This baby is scripted with prim toes! So cute!

The pumps are pictured below along with a few of my favorites from the hunt.

Difficulty: Easy
Time: Around 5 mins.

Hunt Info From Sole Sisters:
Freebie egg hunt this week at Sole Sisters in honor of one of my favorite holidays!

15 eggs, containing NEW releases from every Sole Sisters line of sculpted shoes! Also featured in the eggs are items from Yummi Pop Modern Furnishings and other home decor merchants.

The STAR of this hunt is the BRAND NEW fully scripted Audrey peep toe pump with prim toes in a NEW color "Puff Pink."

Well what are you waiting for? Hop on down here and get to hunting! All the eggs are INSIDE of the store.

You read, now get to Sole Sisters to get yours!

Happy hunting!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Find the eggs hidden in Ivalde to get some great dresses ^_^

start from Couture Boulevard hunt for Alienbear

start form the two eggs you can find at Alienbear's store in Couture Boulevard to get clues to find the other 5 pieces of this absolutely must to have set of jewellery ^_^. It includes necklace, earrings, forehead tiara, bracelets and belly ring... happy hunting!!!

top: gown from **Prism** also a prize to find ^^

some more goodies (FAB) at couture boulevard

a great dress from **Prism**
and a lovely fress from Indyra Originals

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hunt at Couture Boulevard

Find the eggs at Couture Boulevard to get some lovely dresses and jewellery.
In this picture:

the first dress on the left called "frills" and the bangles with lace are from **Prism**
the other three dresses are from Phoenix Rising

hunt at Cupcake

There are 20 eggs to find to have a lovely skin pack and several clothes at Cupcake :) 
Here there are some pictures:

the skin in the centre is one of the prizes to find ;)
Aggiungi immagine