Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hunt Round Up for May 3

Store Hunts:

..::A.Y.Y::.. Party Hats Hunt - Ends May 15 2009.
*Inga Wind* Cinderella Mini Hunt - End Date Unknown.
Carpoo's Perfil ***Mother's Day*** hunt - End Date Unknown.
Crimson Shadow Skull Hunt - End Date Unknown.
Electro Digital Star Hunt - End Date Unknown.
Tiedyed Mushroom Hunt - End Date Unknown.
Witchy Woman Designs May 2009 Hunt - Ends May 31 2009.

Simwide Hunts:

(Miriel) The Golden Cage - Open ended.
Bloody Mess at Fallen Gods - Ends May 20 2009.
Neko Wonderland Exploration Hunt - Open Ended.
Tiny Life Treasure Hunt - Open Ended with new prizes added each month.
May Day Mini Hunt at Lemania's - Ends May 3 2009.
Mashooka Grand Opening hunt - Ends May 3 2009.
SICK 2nd Anniversary Hunt - Ends May 10 2009.

Gridwide Hunts:

Big Spring Hunt - Ends May 15 2009.
SL Discovery Gridwide Hunt - Ends June 30 2009.
The Missing Bunnies Hunt - Ends May 18 2009.
The Scarlet Letter Hunt - Ends May 18 2009.

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Happy Hunting!

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