Monday, February 16, 2009

is running a Mardi Gras hunt Feb. 15-22. You need to find around 26 fleur de lis.

this shows the fleur de lis detail on the jeans from desolation/grace

this features a turtleneck from Tattered, a scarf with fleur de lis detail from Razor, the monocle available in the mardi gras freebies at the tp spot, and note the glowing eyes... those are "contact lenses" from desolation/grace as well

more pieces from Tattered. Not the boots.

the Cello form Angelpocalypse Creations. The outfit worn is called Dahlia and is in the Rfyre shop.

Gfresh's ghostie avatar haunting the upper levels of anarchy castle

more from Tattered

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