Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TIP: Using Wire Frame View for Treasure Hunts

When I was new to SL it took me forever to complete a hunt. Honestly, I rarely could find anything! Thanks to some kind people and especially to the superfantastic group Lucky Kitty Crew, I have learned many tips for hunting treasures.

Let me say, I don't encourage cheating. However, I have an old laptop, and it takes a long time for things to rez for me and my display is smallish and dark. Some designers forget that not everyone has a huge monitor with the latest graphic card and powerful workstations. Without these tips I would still have a difficult time working a hunt.



or using the menus, go to


Wireframe view changes your view of SL from 3 dimensional solids to a simple outline view. Normally you see the sky, walls, other avatars, furniture, grass and sidewalks -- everything -- as colorful backgrounds and 3 dimensional objects.

Wireframe changes that view to an "outline" view. Instead of seeing a solid box, you will see the outlines of the box. Look at the world around you in SL, then switch to wireframe view. Look at how you can see the outlines of objects and other avatars. Notice especially how you can see through walls and objects.

This is the aspect that is so useful for treasure hunting. You can see through walls and signs and furniture. It is a little awkward at first, but with a little practice it becomes easier to navigate in wireframe view.

I recommend that before you start running around in wireframe that you do two things:
  • First, look for an example if the hunt owners provide one. Otherwise look around your landing point for the first hunt item.
  • Second, when you find one, study it in normal view, then switch to wireframe view and study it again. Flat images will not show up in wire frame. Also, some items are too small or too vague for wireframe to be useful.
Lucky us for valentine hunts -- the bright pink and red hearts show up great in wireframe view!


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