Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bedtime Treasures

When I'm at the book store, I always make a point to walk past the children's section, because just seeing those books brings on a nostalgia that reminds me of the days when we traveled through jungles with giant monsters or said goodnight to the moon. Those bedtime treasures are a warm reminder of the kid inside us all.

Coming in June we'll all get the chance to revisit some of those stories with a hunt called Bedtime Treasures. The theme of this hunt is bedtime stories (cannot tell you how loudly I squeed when I heard! With themes like Winkin' Blinkn', Princess and the Pea, and Goodnight Moon how could you not?)

And if the theme isn't enough to get your hunting caps on, then the shops will. There will be 250 stops along your way through this storybook hunt, with places that include (so far) Bellatryx, Secrets of Gaia, Sweet!, Troubled Rebel, Sugar, Dyn Fashion, Loser Skins, Shit Luck, CnS e-motion and more to come. Applications are still currently being accepted designers! So if you'd like one stop by any of the mentioned stores and click the set up sign for one, or contact never Franizzi inworld. (No, trying to BUY a place in line is not going to cut it here, designers are selected on a first come first serve basis!)

The hunt will begin June 1 and run through June 30, with the starting point being decked out in bedtime fashion, and a freebie starting pack. A sim party at the starting location will be taking place mid month to get you even more pumped!

For more information and sneak peaks, check out the Bedtime Treasures Hunt Blog.

There's something in this hunt for everyone, be it neko, skin, children, adult, everyone. So the the next time you pass the children's section, give it a glance, because you might recognize something in it in the hunt...

More details to come closer to the hunt date (so we don't forget ;) )

Happy hunting

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