Friday, April 24, 2009

Fallen Gods Inc.

There's a bloody mess down at Fallen Gods Inc. and if you can sort through it you'll find a hunt taking place in honor of the new gods being born. The hunt begins April 22 and ends May 20, and a good thing too because you might just need all that time.

The Details
Welcome to the Bloody Mess.
I am your host, and guide…. And the search starts right here, in front of your eyes. The new generation of Gods is born, from blood…
…they leave traces, and things…

I need to find all the mess they left to clean the Island
(hunts takes place on the Selidor sim, and only there)

… if we don’t manage to clean all, I will anyway call superior help on May 20 to end that mess…
(Hunt is active from April 22 to May 20)

A number of remains can be find, but I am sure there is one special hidden in a very particular place… must find that one… (bonus!)

Well, that’s it.
In exchange of your help, you can keep everything you find in all that Bloody mess, hope will be enough for the trouble.
Kind regards,

Alia Baroque

Licking blood from the floor can be unhealthy.


The following image was brought to you courtesy of the Fallen Gods Inc. Blog as this hunt was a bit too hard on my pc.

And yes, skins are included :)

Difficulty: Hard
Time: A lot more than I spent on it (ie, more than an hour)

Happy hunting

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