Monday, April 13, 2009

Vendor Support Month in June

It seems as though lately the hunts have been piled on back to back (and sometimes on top of each other,) and though we certainly love the free prizes that are offered, we should always keep in mind the designers behind those prizes.

The month of June will bring us a chance to show our appreciation for those artists/artisans. The hunt will run the entire month of June and will be sporting some big names, such as The Black Canary, SN@TCH, Nightshade Designs, and SD Wears, to name a few. For those of you worried about the further eyestrain, fear not for the prizes will be out in the open and featured on display for your viewing pleasure. Each prize costs 10L because designers need to eat too :)

While it is not strictly a hunt, it is a chance to be exposed to some amazing vendors (the essence of every hunt) and to pick up some fab prizes.

See more information directly from the Vendor Support Month blog.

Start saving/earning those lindens :)

Show the love! And happy hunting

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