Tuesday, April 21, 2009

VIP Grid Wide Hunt

You know those hunts that claim to have all "top designers within sl?" Nothing against them, but they got nothing on this hunt. Its not that those past hunts didn't have some great designers, simply that not all featured in the hunt (IMO) were quite up to scratch when you're calling it a "best designers" hunt. However, this next hunt has set out to prove that yes, you can have a hunt only featuring brilliant designers.

Like my mother at the grocery store, the VIP Grid Wide Hunt organizers have carefully selected top notch artists for their hunt. Though a few might not be big names on the grid, all of them have proven deserving of their spots through creative and high quality merchandise.

But like any red carpet event, you'll need special passes to access these stars. VIP passes go on sale at these locations up until the hunt begins (May 8.) Passes will set you back at 200L but without them, you'll be left out in the cold.

The Details:

* The Designers will be asked to create an exclusive male and female (if possible) gift, that will only be available for the duration of the hunt.

* The Hunters are required to pay a one-time entry fee for participation in the Hunt.

* Only those who have paid the entry fee will be able to receive the gifts. So cheaters will not prosper and real fashion enthusiasts will not be bored and annoyed by yet another junk freebie.

* At each location the Hunters will be searching for a key.

* Upon completing the entire Hunt they are awarded a special key that enables entry to the Luxury lounge.

* The Luxury lounge will hold an exclusive reward for those dedicated enough to complete the Hunt.

April 11Th: Designer Application deadline. No designers will be accepted after this date.
April 12Th : VIP Passes will go on sale at locations to be announced as the date gets closer
May 8Th: The hunt begins !
For more information please contact Kenzie Corleone in game or you can email us at keystotheviphunt@gmail.com

For sneek peaks at the prizes and a list of the participating names, check out the Keys to the VIP Grid Wide Hunt Blog

Happy Hunting

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