Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sole Sisters Hunt

Shoe fanatics everywhere should be dropping by Sole Sisters for the hunt taking place there. The hunt seems to be in honor of the newest release, the Audrey peep toe pump. This baby is scripted with prim toes! So cute!

The pumps are pictured below along with a few of my favorites from the hunt.

Difficulty: Easy
Time: Around 5 mins.

Hunt Info From Sole Sisters:
Freebie egg hunt this week at Sole Sisters in honor of one of my favorite holidays!

15 eggs, containing NEW releases from every Sole Sisters line of sculpted shoes! Also featured in the eggs are items from Yummi Pop Modern Furnishings and other home decor merchants.

The STAR of this hunt is the BRAND NEW fully scripted Audrey peep toe pump with prim toes in a NEW color "Puff Pink."

Well what are you waiting for? Hop on down here and get to hunting! All the eggs are INSIDE of the store.

You read, now get to Sole Sisters to get yours!

Happy hunting!

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