Monday, April 13, 2009


When you hear the word RFyre you know you're in for some designer brilliance. But what's even better is when you place the word hunt after RFyre. Yes, you read right.

RFyre is having a hunt for Easter, but you wont find eggs around this vast sim. You're looking for the boxes like the ones seen below.

The women's boxes are purple and the men's are green, and each contain pieces to complete a single outfit.

Be warned, each box costs 20L (total 100L for each complete outfit.) But honestly, at a place that has you coughing up around 600L or so per purchase, 100L is a major steal.

The proof is in the pictures.

Purple Boxes:

Green Boxes:

Difficulty: Medium, but be sure you really look high and low.
Time: More than an hour

Run! Don't walk! To RFyre now!

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